Take a look at a simple diagram of the human brain. Some of these terms will be mentioned in the listening you will hear. Go to an online dictionary and type in each part of the brain. Check different sites until you find one that allows you to play the pronunciation of the word as an audio clip. Compare sites you found with other students and try to find one or two that seems to be easiest to use and has the better pronunciation of the vocabulary.




You will hear a short presentation by Dr. Elizabeth Stuller (from the Amen Clinic in Reston, Virginia in the United States) about an interactive approach to treating addiction. Take notes as you listen in Exercise 1. When finished, compare your notes in your group and discuss the main ideas. Change your notes if necessary. Be sure to add the full APA reference for this video at the bottom of your notes.

Integrative Approach to Treating Addiction

Dr. Stuller discusses the integrative approach to treating addiction.

APA Reference

Amen Clinics. (2013, August 30). Dr. Stuller Discusses the Integrative Approach to Treating Addiction [video]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsk-5MFdgS8



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