Using the Notes and Outline you created for the Listening on addiction, you will present the information in an Interview format. In groups of two, look over your Outline and divide the notes into information that answers a question. Your job will be to create a list of questions answered in the Listening, then ask and answer them with your partner. You will each need to take turns being the interviewer and interviewee. Try to balance the speaking time as much as possible. Your Interview should not be more than 5 minutes.

Here is an example. Notice how both the question and the response have been fully rephrased.

How is recovering from addiction like a journey down a road?

Just like travelling down a road on a journey, recovering from addiction has trouble along the way that needs to be faced and overcome in order to successfully reach the destination.


Using one of the computers in your group, set it up to use the webcam to record your group doing your Interview. Go through and record the entire Interview then watch it together and take notes as if evaluating it. Give each other feedback about what needs to be changed and focus on your greatest strengths and weaknesses.

You have up to 5 minutes to deliver your Interview. You will do this for the class or another group. During your Interview, they will take notes on what you say and give you feedback afterwards.