A great deal of academic writing is concerned with establishing and explaining a cause and effect relationship between two or more events or concepts. Grammatically, this relationship can be described using verbs, nouns, connectors, and/or prepositions, and a good writer will be able to use a number of different ways to do so.

cause and effect

Common verbs used in cause-effect writing are those such as cause, create, make, and produce; however, these cannot be overused or the writing will seem repetitive. Look at the list of more complex verbs. Read each with your group and be sure you understand the meaning. Make note of the ones you find particularly useful and may use in your essay.

Cause-effect Verbs

  • accounts for
  • determines
  • induce
  • is facilitated by
  • stems from
  • be derived from
  • gave rise to
  • influenced
  • motivated them to
  • to stimulate
  • contributed to
  • generated
  • inhibited
  • provoked
  • was triggered by


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