When rephrasing individual vocabulary words or phrases, the basic structure of the original text remains and this means that the author risks being accused of plagiarism, or copying an author's work. This is academic dishonesty and students must be clear to rephrase not only the words in a sentence but the grammar and order as well. Here is another sentence taken from the Reading on addiction.

A behaviour which someone has can also become addictive due to its effects on the chemistry of the brain.

Here is the sentence rephrased. Notice the highlighted key words that remain the same or slightly modified.

The chemical composition of people's brains can also be affected by their behaviour, which causes it to become addictive.

Here, the original meaning of the sentence stays intact and the it has basically been reversed by using the passive voice, "be affected". Passive is quite useful when rephrasing because it changes verb forms as well as the order of ideas. Be careful, however, that you don't put too much passive voice in your writing or it will sound slightly unusual.


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