The Topic Sentences from the two body paragraphs in the Reading are provided along with two more examples of how the paragraphs could have been introduced.


Paragraph 1


Cloning can have many more uses in life-saving medical research and application, known as therapeutic cloning, than just making copies of creature, which is termed reproductive cloning.

Rephrase 1

Cloning is being researched at great length in the hopes that human lives can be saved using this new technology.

Rephrase 2

Many studies looking into cloning technology and its applications have been conducted with the goal of saving the lives of more people.

Paragraph 2


Despite the benefits that cloning and the harvesting of stem cells could have for ailing patients in desperate need of new organs, there have been questions raised about the potential for abuse of such powerful medical technology.

Rephrase 1

There are concerns that cloning technology could be abused and that attempts would be made to clone complete human beings.

Rephrase 2

In contrast to the positive view of the uses of cloning, there are those who believe that the possibility cloning provides for the replication of a human being is enough to put an end to research into both cloning and the stem cell studies that accompany it.


You will look at and practice basic paragraph structure. Open the Exercise Link, look at the CCEL Smrt Video "Paragraph Structure", take notes on the main ideas and strategies then discuss what you heard with your group. After the discussion, do exercises 2, 3, and 4.

Review - Paragraph Structure

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