Academic Word List

  • apparently
  • aspect
  • eliminate
  • functions
  • indicates
  • intensive
  • investigated
  • labour
  • mature
  • occurrence
  • persists
  • procedure
  • section
  • series
  • subsequent
  • technology
  • transform

Other Vocabulary

  • candidate
  • differentiation
  • fertilized
  • limitless
  • specialized
  • undoubtedly
  • versatile
  • wherein


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Use the questions to begin a discussion. Try to be sure everyone in your group gives their opinion and explains why they hold that opinion before moving on to the next question. Type in your group's main ideas to use afterwards for class discussion.

  1. Are there any situations where you feel that medicine or medical technology has gone too far?
  2. Should scientists be able to do any type of research they wish in order to cure human illness? What are some examples of what you think is unacceptable?


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Listen to first paragraph of a larger Listening, which is only an Introduction to the topic. In your group, discuss how this relates to the Reading you've just done and predict what you believe the rest of the Listening will be about and some of the topics that might be discussed.

Now listen to the complete Listening passage and take notes on it in the Exercise 5. When it is finished, talk to your group about the main ideas that are discussed in the Listening. Re-write the Thesis Statement you made above by adding some more information from the Listening.


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