With your group, review the key words you wrote down during Listening Skills 5. Go over each Listening passage and try to recall as much of the information as you can. As you talk with your group, try linking the words together to make sentences that express the main ideas from the Listening.


You will hear each passage again and this time, try to take notes by linking the key words together logically. Copy your key words from the previous exercise into the appropriate box for each listening. As you listen, organize the words into groups on different lines.

The notes for the first listening have been done for you as an example and the original key vocabulary has been highlighted. Notice how some words have been added to show the relationships between ideas, but there are no complete sentences or sentence structure. You would be unable to do that in a real-time note taking situation. Notice how when there is a supporting idea, it is indent underneath the main idea. This can be done again with further support for the first support. Indents can be made using the “Tab” key, adjusting the ruler of the document, or simply adding a number of spaces, but make sure everything lines up neatly and equally. Also notice that hyphens “-“ have been used to separate ideas and a slash “/” is used instead of “and”. These shortcuts can speed up your note taking. As an added feature, using a “bulleted list” can make notes even more presentable. This is usually done after note taking during review, when notes need to be re-written neatly so they can be studied form at a later date.


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Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Number 5