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Smrt English develops cutting edge curricula that combine the latest education technologies with the latest Canadian trends in language learning.

English Curriculum

A Complete Toolkit for Teachers

Our team has created the tools teachers need in the classroom to deliver the highest quality education for their students. Developed by teachers for teachers .

Teaching Platform






Embracing change and future needs

"My grandson deserves an education that prepares him for the future, not the present nor the past. The education I received will not meet the needs of his generation. Therefore, as an educator, I am committed to lead the way forward in language learning and internationalisation. Embracing change and future needs have been the cornerstone and the key components that have united the Smrt English Team and made us so successful."

Jim Clark (CEO)

Inspired by teachers

"When it comes to planning new features and content, Smrt teachers are our most valuable resource. Our primary goal is to create a platform that is intuitive enough to use without training but also powerful enough to give teachers everything they need in the classroom. To achieve this we seek out creative educators within the Smrt ecosystem. Over the last 30 years, focussing on the teacher has always been the key to our success, first with CCEL, the English language school and then with Smrt, the education technology platform. We are excited to see where the teachers will take us next."

Jeremy Clark (CIO)

Teamwork makes the difference

"Doing things alone without a team or leadership does not lead to success on or off the ice. Finding the strengths and leaders within the team is all part of what makes an entire team run smoothly. Having a working team takes work from both sides of the bench."

Zach Taylor (CMO)

Success happens through learning

"Researching new things, finding different perspectives, and testing new theories by studying cultures and products. Books and learning are always present no matter the topic, from biographies, to business, and cooking. The goal has always been to learn from what we have done and grow to establish reliability through building quality relationships and products."

Elana Palmer (Training and Quality Assurance Director)

Extensive library with over 60 courses.

Why use Smrt at your institution?

Teacher Training

Teachers receive teacher training from qualified Canadian teachers.

Relevant & Current Lessons

All content in Smrt is updated with interesting relevant content.

Canadian Teacher Support

Each institution is assigned a support staff to help with teaching and technical support.

Class Management System

Teachers can easily manage their classroom with the integrated CMS.

Automated Exercises

Automated exercises allow teachers to spend more time one on one with their students.

Innovative Assessment Tools

Students are evaluated with quizzes and exams which test for fluency.

Full Course library

English for Adults, Youth, Kids, Children, English for Special Purposes, Exam Preparation, Bilingual Courses and Electives.

School Administration Panel

School admins are trained to create classes, add teachers, lookup students and run reports.

Automated Attendance

Easily record student attendance with one click.

What's New at Smrt.


New Name for Smrt Representation in Mexico

Smrt English is rebranding its operations in Mexico to Smrt Idiomas Mexico, aligning with the existing Smrt Idiomas Brazil and the upcoming Smrt Idiomas Colombia. This strategic move, effective June 1, 2024, will enhance global brand recognition and facilitate a seamless transition in leadership and operations as Jeremy Clark and Zach Taylor take over from Jim Clark.

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Transforming Education Webinar

Join us to explore how educators are empowered by learning systems and technology, and uncover its invaluable impact in both education and business.

  • April 25th at 4:00pm
  • April 26th at 10:00am.
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What's new on Smrt

  • Bulk Reopening by Popular Demand
  • Assignment Indicators: At-a-Glance Completion
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2024 will be a year of challenges but definitely a year of opportunities

As we dive into 2024, it will be a year of opportunities as we all see change ahead in education. The post covid wave has been a struggle, but it has presented chances to adapt and evolve...

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