Smrt English’s Story

Jim Clark (CEO) & Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister of Canada)

Smrt English began as a product developed for the Canadian College of English Language (CCEL). Students and teachers visiting CCEL were so impressed by Smrt English that they started to report back to their home schools and soon after Smrt English launched a globally accessible platform in January of 2012 to licence to offshore schools.

Education is going through a digital transformation and Smrt English, through its disruptive innovation, has a goal to change the traditional classroom. Textbooks and handouts are resources of the past and will not be used in future classrooms. Many companies understand this shift and have developed solutions such as online teacher resources, massive open online courses (MOOCs) and learning management systems but with limited success. Smrt English has jumped ahead of our competitors and created a system that is built on the failings and successes of past and current offerings. Smrt English is teacher/classroom-based and uses its own original online curriculum, a user-friendly web-based learning management program and accesses already developed 3rd party online resources.

The major ESL textbook publishers have dominated the industry and prefer printed material with limited online or CD based supplements. They produce printed materials developed by conservative university faculty members, a system that is out of touch with student needs.

Canada is a leader in education and highly respected around the world and Vancouver is revered as a centre for innovation and technology. This places Smrt English in the geographical intersection of Education and Technology giving it instant credibility around the world. Smrt English is poised to rival the outdated competitors currently dominating education.

Smrt English brings to the institution a full package to meet their internationalization vision — Blended English Curriculum (technology-based/teacher delivered), teacher training, partnership linkages with Canadian universities and institutes, mobility opportunities, ESP and Exam Preparation courses and joint venture projects linking Smrt English, offshore institutions and Canadian institutions.