Use the research you did about world homelessness and in your group, take turns sharing the information you found about homelessness around the world. Did you find similar information as your group? What information was quite different or even contradictory? Add any new websites and/or information to your own research as you discuss.



One way that homelessness is fought is by trying to get the homeless people involved in sports activities. One popular sport that is played all over the world is Soccer. Street Soccer Canada is an organization that puts together soccer matches for teams made up of homeless people across the country. Think about this idea and discuss the questions with your group. Make sure you write down the ideas you come up with in Exercise 1.

  1. What is your first impression of the idea of homeless people playing soccer?
  2. What difficulties do you believe there could be in organizing and running such a program?
  3. How could the homeless participating benefit from this program? What would they get out of it?


Homeless soccer leagues from around the world get together once a year and participate in the Homeless World Cup, an event that sees competitions between countries to decide winners in numerous categories. Open the link to the Homeless World Cup and investigate the event more with your group. Write down notes from what you find in Exercise 2.