Academic Word List

  • assumptions
  • indicator
  • scenario
  • sustainability
  • transition

Other Vocabulary

  • abuse
  • affordable
  • anxiety
  • degrading
  • discouraging
  • inequality
  • kept pace with
  • misguided
  • misperceived
  • perpetuates
  • prostitution
  • runaways
  • sacrifice
  • schizophrenia
  • spiral
  • trafficking


Please click the Exercise link to continue and do exercises 1 and 2.


Use the questions to begin a discussion. Try to be sure everyone in your group gives their opinion and explains why they hold that opinion before moving on to the next question. Type in your group's main ideas to use afterwards for class discussion.

  1. Is homelessness a problem in your country? Is it easy to see who the homeless are and where they live?
  2. Why do people end up on the street? Which factors do you think they can or can not control?


Please click the Exercise link to continue and do Exercise 3.



Look at the Reading about the causes of homelessness, and use the skills you learned about previewing a text and making predictions from the previous reading strategy. Read the Introduction and conclusion, and look at the Topic Sentences of paragraphs and generally skim the Reading for key words. Afterwards, write down the Main Idea of the entire Reading in one sentence then discuss and check it with your group.

Identifying Main Ideas

As you've seen up to this point, each paragraph in a well-written text needs to have an identifiable Main Idea and one or more Supporting Details and that validate and give importance to the Main Idea. The Outline structure you learned before looks like this:

  • Point 1 (plus first Support)
    • Support 1
      • Details
      • Analysis
    • Support 1
      • Details
      • Analysis


Now look at each paragraph with your group one at a time and analyse them for the Main Idea and Supporting Details. Organize and write down what you find in Exercise 5. There are 9 paragraphs in total, each of which can have 1 to 3 Supporting Details.

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