For your second essay, you will write a five-paragraph essay of 500 words answering the following question:

What are the causes of Canada's labour shortage and what effect do immigrant or migrant workers have on the situation?

You need to discuss three different aspects of how immigration may or may not be the answer to labour shortages in Canada with each area of contrast representing a Body paragraph of your Essay. Suggested areas that could be investigated are:

  • What has caused Canada's labour shortage?
  • What is a positive effect of immigrant / migrant labour?
  • What is a negative effect of immigrant / migrant labour?

The due dates for your Outline, Draft, and Final Essay are all in your Weekly Schedule.

Steps to writing the essay:


You will need to use the sources provided below to find information, facts and details that support the points you are making in your essay. Your final essay must have at least 4 sources taken from those listed below, but can not include more than 6. This first step involves you reading the information in each web source and taking notes on each. You may find up to two additional websites on your own, but these must be articles of at least 500 words or more and can not be summaries or sites such as Wikipedia.


  1. Financial Post 1
  2. Financial Post 2
  3. Financial Post 3
  4. Toronto Sun
  5. Statistics Canada
  6. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  7. World Health Organization
  8. Fraser Institute

Essay Outline

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