Academic Word List

  • adequately
  • elements
  • ensure
  • sufficiently
  • disposable
  • phenomena

Other Vocabulary

  • afflicted
  • charitable
  • conjunction
  • creditable
  • deprivation
  • expenditures
  • impoverished
  • mainstream
  • measure (n)
  • median
  • miscellaneous
  • prosperity
  • sanitation
  • springs to mind
  • stereotype
  • substandard


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Use the questions to begin a discussion. Try to be sure everyone in your group gives their opinion and explains why they hold that opinion before moving on to the next question.

  1. What do you think it means to be poor? What factors would you use to determine that one person is poor but another is not?
  2. What is the situation with poverty in your country? Is it a visible problem? What do you think is causing this situation in your country?


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Previewing and Predicting

Many times students will not have all of the time they need to read a long text as completely as they would like. This is when it is better to use previewing skills, which will help students learn what a text is going to be about without having to read every word.
Try to follow three easy initial steps.

  1. If there is a title or headline, be sure to read it carefully and stop to consider what it could mean for what comes next.
  2. If there are any pictures or section headings (on tables as well) throughout the text, read them in the order they are presented to get an idea for how information is arranged in the reading.
  3. Skim the text for key vocabulary such as names in capital letters, data like numbers, and other details that seem to be repeated often.

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