For your second Presentation, you'll need to choose an article on the Internet about an academic topic that you can present to the class. It does not need to be something that you are familiar with, and must be at least 800 words or more in length. The article may require additional research so that you thoroughly understand the topic, but your Presentation should only focus on the main ideas of the article itself. One difference for this presentation is that you will be preparing and delivering it with a partner from your class. You will need to choose your partner and let your teacher know before you begin your work.


The first step is to choose an article. It can not be a casual source such as a blog, wiki, or hobby/sports journal. Below is a short list of websites based on magazines that provide academic content and it is suggested that you start with those. For most, you will have to search to find articles that are not too difficult and are also long enough. Take time now to begin looking at the websites so you can become familiar with them and ask any questions.

With your partner, you must choose an article, read it completely, take notes on it, and go to your teacher to get it approved. When you bring it to your teacher, be prepared to give a Thesis Statement for your article and answer any question your teacher may have. It is suggested that you have one or two other articles prepared in case your first choice is inappropriate or perhaps another group has already chosen it. Check your schedule for when your Outline is due to be sure you get approval well in advance.

It's important that your presentation must not simply repeat the ideas from the article. Your article has too much information in it and may not be in the best order for a presentation format. Therefore, it's up to you to choose what from the article gets presented and what does not. Remember, it must be easy for your audience to understand and take notes on.

taking notes

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