In addition to the 8 Short Speeches during your Practice and Final Exams, you will need to deliver one Long Speech that is related to the Reading and Listening materials on the Exam. The Long Speech will be 2 minutes long and you will have 5 minutes to prepare it using the materials from the exam. The Speaking part of the Exam is after the other sections are completed and submitted, but you will be able to see the Reading again and will be allowed to take notes on the Listening material.

For this Exercise, you will be looking back at the Readings and Listenings from the first 3 weeks and using them to prepare and deliver Long Speeches. The Listenings will be played again for you and you must take notes to be used for your Long Speeches.

Long Speeches need to be formal as well as academic and must follow the outline structure you have been taught. The Outline for your Long Speech is as follows, but it may contain a third or fourth Point if necessary:

  • Introduction
    • General Statement
    • Thesis Statement
  • Point 1 (plus first Support
    • Support 1
    • Support 2
  • Point 2 (plus first Support
    • Support 1
    • Support 2
  • Summary
    • Point 1, and Point 2

You will be given the topic question of your speech before you review the Reading and Listening materials. It's important that you always consider this question while you read and listen. Different people or groups may be given different questions.

Long Speech 1 Question:

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