Look at your responses that you prepared earlier about your Short Story. In your group, discuss your answers. Try to be sure everyone in your group has a chance to talk about what they have written.

  1. What type of lifestyle do the Loisel's have at the opening of the story? Why was Mathilde unhappy with her life? Do you think M. Loisel was content with his life?
  2. Why did M. Loisel expect his wife to be pleased to receive the invitation from the Minister of Education? Describe Mme Loisel's reaction on reading the invitation.
  3. How did the Loisels' life change after they had paid for the new necklace. Compare and contrast the life of Mme Lebrun before and after the disappearance of the necklace.
  4. What do you think happened after Mathilde and her friend met?
  5. Do you feel sorry for Mdm. Loisel at the end of story? Why or why not?
  6. Discuss whether the Loisels chose the right course of action when they found the necklace was missing? What other choices were open to them and why were these not chosen? How could Mrs. Loisel’s life have turned out differently?
  7. How does class and money become important in the story?
  8. Do you find the characters likable (or detestable)? Does your opinion of the characters change substantially through the story?