Both the Reading and Listening about the The Cycles of Sleep go together to form one complete lesson about the topic. Below are two different introductions that could be used in an essay that summarizes the main ideas of the materials. Read the Introductions and discuss how they are different or similar to each other. Take a look at the vocabulary used in both Introductions and find words that are synonyms of those in either the original Reading or Listening.

The Cycles of Sleep - Introduction

Example 1:

Everybody needs sleep to survive and more research is being done into what the function of sleep is. Part of that research has shown how all people sleep with healthy sleep habits go through four specific stages while they sleep, yet there is also evidence that people can have very different and much shorter sleep cycles that may or may not be healthy for them.

Example 2:

One activity that all people have in common every day is that at some point they go to sleep. Scientists have found that there are four stages of a good night’s sleep that all people share as well, yet some research indicates that, like the famous artists Leonardo Da Vinci, people may be able to change their cycle and sleep for much shorter times than they normally do.


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