Noun Meaning
Fiasco Complete Failure
Confidant Someone you confide in; Someone you trust with your secrets
Phenomenon Unusual occurrence
Mortality Death or the subject of one's death
Decade Ten years
Bigot A person who is intolerant of other people or ideas
Verb Meaning
Disparage To belittle; to discredit
Masticate To chew up or crush
Eschew To avoid
Quell Quell
Enunciate To pronounce; utter; state
Adjective Meaning
Laudable Praiseworthy; deserving praise
Voluble Talkative
Obsolete No longer in use; not used anymore
Dubious Doubtful; not certain
Susceptible Easily affected
Neurotic Suffering from nervous problems or disorders
Introspective Looking into your own feelings
Bizarre Odd, strange, weird
Inanimate Lifeless