Have or Has + Been + (Verb)-ing
For the present perfect continuous, you need two auxiliary verbs, “have” and “been,” and the continuous form of a verb, “verb+ing.”

Positive Negative Question
I have been partying. I have not been partying. Have I been partying?
You have been sleeping. You have not been sleeping. Have you been sleeping?
He has been singing. He has not been singing. Has he been singing?
She has been running. She has not been running. Has she been running?
It has been raining. It has not been raining. Has it been raining?
We have been studying. We have not been studying. Have we been studying?
They have been fighting. They have not been fighting. Have they been fighting?

Present Perfect Continuous Use

The present perfect continuous can be easily confused with the present perfect simple. Both deal with actions that started in the past and continue now, but the present perfect continuous has a different focus.

Explaining the Present

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