Nouns Meaning
Exploit A striking or notable deed; feat; spirited or heroic act
Depression Sadness; the state of being depressed 
Obstacle Something that obstructs or hinders progress
Humidity Moisture or wetness in the air
Underdog A person who is expected to lose in a contest or conflict.
Adjectives Meaning
Subsequent Occurring or coming later; following in order or succession
Unprecedented  Not seen before; new; never before known or experienced
Vast Enormous; extensive; huge, immense, very great in number.
Potent Powerful; strong; having great power
Lethal Deadly; Fatal; causing great harm or destruction
Abundant Present in great quantity; plentiful, bountiful; numerous
Confident Having strong belief in oneself
Hazardous Full of risk, perilous; risky
Foremost First in place, order, or rank
Inferior Lower in status; lower in place; less important or worthy
Improbable Not probable; unlikely to be true or to happen
Verbs Meaning
Exploit  To utilize, especially for profit; to use selfishly for
Persist To continue; to last or endure
Intrigue To fascinate; arouse curiosity; To increase a person's interest
Hinder To cause delay; to prevent from doing