Let’s review the way we format present simple. Do not forget that the verb (or auxiliary verb if it has one) changes in the third person:

Positive Negative Question
I play I do not (don't) play Do I play?
You play You do not (don't) play Do you play?
He plays He does not (doesn't) play Does he play?
She plays She does not (doesn't) play Does she play?
It plays It does not (doesn't) play Does it play?
We play We do not (don't) play Do we play?
They play They do not (don't) play Do they play?


Verbs that end in 'y':
Verbs that end in 'y' often change 'y' to 'ie' before 's':

  • study becomes studies
  • bury becomes buries
  • marry becomes marries
  • fly becomes flies
  • cry becomes cries
  • try becomes tries

Be careful! 'y' doesn't change to 'ie' if the ending is 'ay', 'ey', 'oy', 'uy'. So, play becomes plays, say becomes says, buy becomes buys, enjoy becomes enjoys, stay becomes stays.

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