First, click on the link and quickly read the article. Note any vocabulary you don’t understand and write in the Lesson Document the basic facts of the story.


In groups, talk and brainstorm what you know about North Korea. Try to answer the following questions:

  • Who is its leader?
  • What kind of government does it have?
  • What do you know about its history?
  • How is it viewed by the rest of the world?


We are going to watch a news report from inside North Korea. Before we start, make sure you understand the following vocabulary.

  • kimilsungia
  • kimjongilia
  • literally
  • worship
  • militaristic
  • inaugurated
  • famine
  • dynasty
  • cult of personality


  • What are kimjongilia and kimilsungia?
  • What image do you get of North Korea from watching the video? Do you think it is an accurate depiction of life there?
  • What do you think of the people they interviewed? Do you think they are being honest?
  • What problems has North Korea faced over the years? How has the country changed?
  • In what way does the video compares North Korea to China?


  • Why do you think that countries like North Korea exist in the world? Why are people willing to live under those kinds of conditions?
  • Should the world be worried about North Korea? Why or why not?
  • What should the world do about North Korea? Should we ignore them, try to build a relationship, or fight them? In your group weigh the pros and cons of each choice in the Lesson Document. Then decide which is best.

Final Thoughts

  • More generally, do countries have the right to tell other countries what to do? What should we do if we don’t like how another country is acting?
  • Form a group and come up with a list in the Lesson Document of pros and cons of other countries interfering with the actions, policies, or economies of other nations.