Open this website and write a few notes about what “pink slime beef” is, and how they make it. Then, watch the video to get a better idea.

  • How do you feel about this product?
  • Would you eat it?
  • What is the tone of this video? Do you think this is a fair explanation of what pink slime beef is?


  • filler
  • grocery chain
  • USDA
  • consumer
  • wholesome
  • scraps

Public Reaction - Video

Now, watch the video and answer the following questions:

  • Which supermarket decided to stop using pink slime beef and why?
  • What does the USDA say about pink slime?
  • What is the USDA going to tell school districts?


  • Do you think pink slime is dangerous?
  • If pink slime is OK, should it be labeled for consumers?
  • Would you pay more to have beef that did not have pink slime in it?
  • Should all food additives be labeled?

Further Discussion

  • Does your country have a similar organization to the USDA? Do you trust that your food is safe?
  • Has there ever been a food safety scandal in your country? Do some research and share example with the class?
  • In the end, who is most responsible for ensuring that the food you eat is safe?
    • The Government?
    • Food Producers and Retailers?
    • You?

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