Facebook App For "If I Die" Message

With a partner, make a list of all the pros and cons of social networks like Facebook. Go to the Exercise Link to do the task.

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Read the following article and find out what the three phrases highlighted mean.

New Facebook App Lets You Connect From Beyond the Grave

There’s an app for that.” This is what people joke about if there is something missing in life. Facebook, Apple and Android apps let us do a million and one useful things. Now we can leave a message to the world that is posted on Facebook after we die. The developers of the “If I Die” app created it after some close friends nearly died in a traffic accident. They had a conversation about how cool it would be to leave family and friends a note, some photos or images after you pass away.

Your friends help you post the message online after you die. App users must choose three Facebook “trustees” who have to confirm that you are no more. Once the three have done this, your message, photos and videos will upload onto Facebook. There are mixed feelings on social media sites about the app. Georgie Ansari from London said: “What a great idea. Death is usually so sudden and few of us get a chance to say the things we want.” However, Paolo Cesar from Brazil wrote the idea was “very dark”. Now, read this article.

  • Explain the steps you need to take to use the “If I Die App.”
  • What suggestions does the video give for the type of message you can leave? Which do you think are best?

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