Use the research you did about deforestation and in your group, take turns sharing the information you found. Did you find similar information as your group? What information was quite different or even contradictory? Add any new websites and/or information to your own research as you discuss.


With a larger group, you will now use the Reading and all of the research you did to come up with an action plan. You are not allowed to search for further information during this activity. You will need to come up with one logical and practical solution to the problem of deforestation. You need to organize your ideas in an outline and use that to make a short presentation of your idea to the class. Your entire group must participate in the presentation. Use the outline structure that you have been taught in class and create a new document for your group.

  • Step 1: Brainstorm ideas with your group - write down all of your ideas
  • Step 2: Choose one solution that you will present to class
  • Step 3: Organize your ideas into an outline that includes an Introduction, Body, and Conclusion
  • Step 4: Practice your presentation together and how you want to give your information
  • Step 5: Present to the class (2 or 3 minutes) and be prepared to answer questions

After all ideas have been presented, the class will discuss all of the solutions and try to decide which may be the most successful.