Academic Word List

  • achieve
  • assist
  • designed
  • eliminating
  • ensure
  • functions
  • incentive
  • investigation
  • mental
  • period
  • removal
  • varied

Other Vocabulary

  • alleviate
  • prevention
  • psychiatrists
  • spiritual
  • stances
  • prescribed


Please click the Exercise link to continue and do exercises 1 and 2.


Briefly look at the responses you gave previously when you were making predictions based on the Listening Introduction. Discuss your findings from your website research with your group and listen to the Listening Introduction and first main idea again.


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Below is the next part of the Listening which discusses what the differences are regarding goals of treatment. Click the Exercise link and as you listen, write notes in Exercise 3 that might help you remember the main ideas. Remember to organize them as well as you can based on last week’s note taking lessons.

When the Listening is finished, go to Exercise 4 and write a General Statement and Thesis Statement for it then talk to your group about the main ideas you heard and compare what you wrote.


Answering short answer questions can be easier for the Reading because you can simply copy words and phrases from the text. You can copy what you hear directly from the Listening as well, but you may find that many times you will have to paraphrase your answer.


Please click the Exercise link to continue and do exercises 5 and 6.