Noun Meaning
Bedlam Confusion; uproar
Cacophony Discord; harsh sound; dissonance
Bliss Happiness; pleasure
Sympathy Care of one's feelings
Zenith Summit; top; prime
Gusto Enthusiasm, enjoyment, zest
Apathy Lack of interest or concern; uncaring
Verb Meaning
Eradicate To wipe out; totally destroy
Impede Interfere; block; hinder
Revere Honor; respect; admire
Adjective Meaning
Infallible Exempt from error; right; never is wrong
Disgruntled Unhappy; displeased
Compatible Harmonious; well-matched
Obese Very fat; unhealthily overweight
Pathetic Sad; pitiful; distressing
Inebriated Drunk; intoxicated (not always with alcohol)
Garrulous Talkative; wordy
Atypical Not typical; nonconforming
Extinct No longer existing
Gaudy Showy; Flashy