Noun Meaning
Enigma Something that is mysterious; cannot be explained
Exploitation An act that exploits or victimizes someone
Quarrel An angry fight
Happening An event
Stadium Large structure for sports and entertainment
Repercussion Consequence
Sanctuary Sacred place; a safe place
Orchard Garden consisting of small cultivated woods like fruit trees
Funk In a state of depression; a type of music
Verb Meaning
Amplify To make bigger/louder
Prolong To lengthen in time; to cause to last longer
Quarrel To argue over something
Adjective Meaning
Ambiguous Uncertain
Benevolent Showing kindness; generosity; helping others
Infamous Widely known negatively; having bad fame
Tremendous Extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree
Monstrous Abnormally large; shockingly brutal or cruel
Phenomenal Amazingly great
Skeptical Having doubt; do not believe
Sarcastic Expressing or expressive of ridicule that wounds/hurts
Gracious Being kind, generous, and nice