Nouns Meaning
Bulk The greater part; main mass or body
Adjectives Meaning
Jovial Markedly good-humored/happy
Voracious Having a huge appetite; excessively eager; unyielding
Daring Bold in action and thought;
Flustered In a state of agitate; confuse; upset (agitated confusion)
Irksome Annoying; irritating; exasperating; tiresome:
Affluent Having a lot of wealth; rich; anything abundant
Violent Acting with or characterized by uncontrolled, strong,rough force; intense in force
Lucid Clear; can see through; easy to understand
Spacious Having a lot of room; open; expansive
Lucrative Producing wealth; profitable
Intact Complete; whole; unbroken; unchanged
Deadly Fatal; lethal; trying to destroy
Dense Thick; being close together/compact; stupid
Intense Strong; of an extreme kind
Erratic Having no course; unorganized; deviating from the usual
Fancy Not plain
Verbs Meaning
Reconcile To restore to friendship, to make up; made peace
Mock To treat with ridicule; to make fun of; to challenge
Forage To search for food; collect provisions