• What are some slang words or idioms you have heard around the city?
  • What do you think they mean?

Slang Goodbyes

Saying goodbye can be very hard.  After watching this video, how would you say goodbye?

Goodbye slang

  • Bye(Bye-bye)
  • Peace be with you
  • Happy trails
  • Have a good one
  • Cheerio
  • Good travels
  • It’s been fun
  • TTFN
  • Later (Lates)
  • Stay well
  • Take care
  • Ta-ta
  • Take it easy
  • Peace (out)
  • Stay cool
  • So long

See you

  • later
  • next time
  • later gator
  • tomorrow
  • on the flip side
  • in the funny papers
  • after a while crocodile
  • later, alligator
  • not too soon, you big baboon
  • soon
  • when I see you
  • around

Rude ways to goodbyes

  • See ya, don’t want to be ya
  • See you in Hell
  • Go away!
  • (Silence)
  • (Walk away)
  • BYE!
  • Smell ya later
  • There’s the door (don’t let it you on the way out)
  • Get out of here!

Getting ready to leave

  • The night’s winding down
  • I got places to go, people to see

Ways to say goodbye are always changing.  Do you use any other sayings? Here is a website that can help you with additional learning: The Online Slang Dictionary

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