When we discussed the four types of sentences in Units 2-4 and Unit 2-5, we reviewed transitions. These are words and phrases that help us connect ideas and express the relationships between them. There are three categories of transitions we can use with sentences.

Coordinating Conjunctions

These are simple words that allow us to connect to equal elements together.

  • Both parents and teachers expressed concerns about the aging schools in the community.
  • Most behaviour problems begin to manifest in the home or at school.
  • It may seem unlikely, but not all respondents to the survey supported reducing taxes.

Here are the seven coordinating conjunctions and the meaning they express.

  • for - reason or purpose
  • and - addition or connection
  • nor - negative addition
  • but - contrast or exception
  • or - choice or option
  • yet - contrast or exception
  • so - consequence or result

Subordinating Conjunctions

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