In order to help develop your skills, for the duration of this course you will be given a weekly writing task connected to an assigned reading. The writing assignment should be added to your writing journal folder, which you need to share with your instructor.

Weekly Reading and Writing Task

Read this article and summarize the main points in a paragraph. Before you submit your assignment, be sure it meets the criteria in the summary checklist:

  • check_box concise, not wordy. A good summary is clear and direct; avoid overly complex or flowery language.
  • check_box clear to someone who has not read the original essay or article. Always assume the reader is unfamiliar with the material you are summarizing.
  • check_box maintains good paragraph structure, with a topic sentence identifying the title and author, if possible. It must be clear to the reader that he or she is not reading original material.
  • check_box gives the main points and only the main points—only what the reader needs. Try to omit unnecessary details, dates, figures, etc.
  • check_box paraphrases, with no direct quotes from the original source. Do not copy and paste; use your own words.
  • check_box presents the information in the same order as the original, if possible.
  • check_box objective. Do not include your opinion in the summary.