Lemurs Try New Food

Youth Animals
The Lemurs are one of the last animals try the new diet and are not taking to it as quickly as the other animals.

Monarch Butterfly - Amazing Animals

Kids Animals
Migrating monarch butterflies can travel thousands of miles!

Quotation Mark Song

Youth Education
A song about using quotation marks.


Kids Music
Jumping, dancing, sing along song for kids.

Chinese New Year 2022

Adults Culture History World
According to the Chinese zodiac, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. It starts from February 1 and lasts until January 2, 2023. Those born in the Year of the Tiger are said to be brave, competitive, unpredictable and confident.

Protecting the Okavango Ecosystem | National Geographic

Adults Animals Life Nature
The Okavango Delta is one of the most diverse ecosystems on Earth. But threats of climate change and deforestation upstream are risking its delicate balance.

What’s in the Trunk? with Sir David Attenborough | The Green Planet | BBC Earth

Adults Education Life Nature
Don’t try this with your normal headphones, but you can actually listen to the inside of a tree! Listen and watch along as Sir David Attenborough discovers the amazing things going on inside our trunky friends.

Colonialism: Crash Course Geography #39

Adults Education Human World
Empire, imperialism, and colonialism are all interrelated tactics of geopolitics that are used to achieve similar goals of one state maintaining economic, political, or even cultural dominance over other territories.

Peacock Rangoli

Youth Space
Easy & Simple Color Rangoli Designs For Festivals

Big Ben For Kids

Kids World
It's commonly known as Big Ben, but this famous landmark is actually named Elizabeth Tower in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

Would you raise the bird that murdered your children? - Steve Rothstein

Adults Education Life Writing
Dig into the evolutionary strategy of brood parasitism, where one animal tricks another into rearing its young.

Recycle Cardboard Into Anything With A 3D Printer

Youth History Technology
Paper is an incredible material, but why does it always have to be flat? I’ve developed a process to turn paper into a three-dimensional material, using as little as a 3D printer, a blender, a vice, and pinch of rice.

Make Art With Science

Kids Art
When science and art mix!

Seeing Colour

Youth Science
How does our brain help us see color? Find out in this video!

What Happened To Our Plants?

Kids Science
A few weeks ago we started an experiment where we planted some seeds to see how they would grow! Today we get to check out our results!

The Importance Of Dog Socialization

Youth Animals
An overprotective dog named Wally has been biting one of the members of his household and has been guarding the family's baby.

Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Kids Animals
Red-eyed tree frogs have three eyelids on each eye!

The tragic myth of the Sun God's son - Iseult Gillespie

Adults Books Media Writing
Dive into the Greek myth of Helios and Phaethon, where the Sun God allows his mortal son to drive his chariot for a day.

Why do cats have vertical pupils? - Emma Bryce

Adults Animals Biology Nature
Dive into the incredible diversity of animal pupils, and how the different shapes indicate the animal’s role in an ecosystem.

0:00 / 5:14 Orzo Pasta | Jamie Oliver

Adults Family Film Food
Back at it again with another beautiful recipe from my new book Together. This time I'm giving you one of the dishes from the 'elegant simplicity' chapter. Its a really delicate but flavoursome pasta salad, in the book I serve it up with a flat fish but really its a dish that totally stands up on its own. Give it a go guys, elegant and delicious!

How DUBAI Actually Controls its Weather

Adults Science Weather World
Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to control the weather? You could give yourself beautiful sunny days whenever you wanted or decide you needed some rain to help water crops for farmlands. Well in today's new video you will learn about the insane and fantastic way Dubai has taken control over the city's weather!