Primitive Technology: Yam, cultivate and cook

I planted a yam in a large basket like enclosure and then 6 months later harvested, cooked and ate it. My previous attempts at growing yams were stymied by wild pigs and scrub turkeys.

Why It’s Almost Impossible to Score a Corner Kick Goal in Soccer / Football

The “gol olimpico” or “Olympic goal” – an unassisted corner kick bent into goal – is one of the rarest in soccer. WIRED’s Robbie Gonzalez straps on his shin-guards to explore the shot’s perfect mix of soccer science and skill.

What Would Happen If You Were Allergic To Water?

Water seems harmless, right?

Summer Vegetable Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

This speedy, vegetable lasagne is full of spring and summer flavours, including asparagus, lemon, mint and peas.

Discover in English – Canadian College of English Language

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Rise Of The Mesopredator

Thanks to humans, old school apex predators are struggling to hold onto their perch at the top of the food chain.

What’s The Hottest Hot and Coldest Cold?

The hottest and coldest temperatures in our universe are rarely witnessed, but in these rare spots, our understanding of physics is challenged. Weird things happen at extreme hot and absolute cold.

Did the Amazons really exist?

It was long assumed that Amazons, the fierce and fearsome women warriors of Greece, were imaginary.

The Truth About Veritasium

The truth, with photons.
I hope I’ve articulated everything clearly in this video. If not, I’ll clarify in comments. Thanks to everyone who appears in this video and thanks to everyone who watches this video!

Lilly writes about her dream to live in Vancouver

“After my training in International Trade I got a better job and could exercise all the content learned in College. I recommend the program for those who want to learn not only theory but to practice in their chosen profession. I realized one of my dreams which is living and working in Vancouver!”

Lilly (International Trade)

Smrt Pathway to Wilfrid Laurier University

Students who complete ENG 145 at the Canadian College of English Language have direct entrance into the Wilfrid Laurier University without having to write a TOEFL or IELTS exam.

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Primitive Technology: Wood shed and Native bee honey

It has been raining here quite a bit in what should normally be the dry season. The wattle and daub hut is standing up well despite this (see video).

See How Termites Inspired a Building That Can Cool Itself

How do you cool a building without air conditioning?

Smrt taught in Bali, Indonesia to local children for free

Smrt English is being taught in Bali, Indonesia to local children for free. With 15 laptops we can give 100 Indonesian children an education. If you have any old laptops that you would like to donate to Green School in Bali please let us know. If they are broken we will repair them. Thank you for your support.

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SUMMER MENU | Squid Ink Lobster Ravioli | Jamie’s Italian

This is stuffed ravioli called mezzaluna, which means half moon because of the shape. Its darkened by squid ink which gives it a subtle seasoning, and then filled with beautiful crayfish, prawns, lobster, and ricotta! Available now in Jamie’s Italian.

3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review.

Why Don’t Sled Dogs Ever Get Tired?

Sled dogs are the best endurance athletes in the world thanks to a weird quirk in their metabolism.

Is Your Phone Listening To You?

Feel like your phone is spying on you? Find out if it’s real!

Ryan’s experience studying English in Vancouver, Canada

Ryan speaks about his experience in Vancouver and how the Smrt program at the Canadian College of English Language helped him to improve his English.

How Evolution Turned A Possum Into A Wolf

ntil the early 20th century, Tasmania was home to a very weird wolf-like creature. Except that it wasn’t a wolf. Even though it looked like a wolf.

How one scientist averted a national health crisis – Andrea Tone

In 1960, Frances Kelsey was one of the Food and Drug Administration’s newest recruits. Before the year was out, she would begin a fight that would save thousands of lives — though no one knew it at the time.